Reduced heart function tied to raised risk of dementia, Alzheimer's Medical News Today

 "For their study, Dr. Jefferson and colleagues analyzed data from the Framingham Heart Study - an ongoing study that began in 1948 with the main aim of identifying risk factors for heart disease.

The analysis compared a measure of heart function - called the cardiac index - with the development of dementia in 1,000 participants from Framingham's Offspring Cohort who were followed for up to 11 years.

Cardiac index is an indicator of heart health that measures the amount of blood that leaves the heart and is pumped through the body - adjusted for body size. The lower the index, the less blood leaving the heart.

Over the 11 years follow-up, 32 participants developed dementia, including 26 who developed Alzheimer's.

The analysis revealed that participants with a clinically low cardiac index had twice the relative risk of developing dementia, compared with those whose cardiac index was normal."

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