Human Proteome Map

The Human Proteome Map (HPM) portal is an interactive resource to the
scientific community by integrating the massive peptide sequencing
result from the draft map of the human proteome project. The project was
based on LC-MS/MS by utilizing of high resolution and high accuracy
Fourier transform mass spectrometry. All mass spectrometry data
including precursors and HCD-derived fragments were acquired on the
Orbitrap mass analyzers in the high-high mode. Currently, the HPM
contains direct evidence of translation of a number of protein products
derived from over 17,000 human genes covering >84% of the annotated
protein-coding genes in humans based on >290,000 non-redundant
peptide identifications of multiple organs/tissues and cell types from
individuals with clinically defined healthy tissues. This includes 17
adult tissues, 6 primary hematopoietic cells and 7 fetal tissues. The
HPM portal provides an interactive web resource by reorganizing the
label-free quantitative proteomic data set in a simple graphical view.
In addition, the portal provides selected reaction monitoring (SRM)
information for all peptides identified.
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