Time to Dismount | Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

The field of Alzheimer research has reached an impasse after more than 100,000 clinical and scientific papers published in the last 40 years, because there is yet no hope, no effective treatment, and no knowledge of what causes this dementia.
It has become increasingly clear that part of the explanation for the lack of therapeutic advancement in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) lies in the unyielding quagmire resulting from the premise that AD is caused by the excessive production in the brain of a sticky substance called amyloid-β (Aβ). However, considerable data indicates this conclusion is not supported by evidence-based medicine, especially from a clinical perspective.

The village wisdom, passed on from generation to generation, used to say that when you discover that you are a riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount. It is time to get off the dead horse that so far has only provided knee-jerk dogma and an absence of clinically useful measures. This action will be helpful so we can get on with more constructive research that searches for a valid pathway to defeat one of the most important medical challenges of this century.

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