Alzheimer's disease thought to be accelerated by an abnormal build-up of fat in the brain

The researchers examined the brains of nine patients who died from Alzheimer's disease and found significantly more fat droplets compared with five healthy brains. A team of chemists from University of Montreal led by Pierre Chaurand then used an advanced mass spectrometry technique to identify these fat deposits as triglycerides enriched with specific fatty acids, which can also be found in animal fats and vegetable oils.
"We discovered that these fatty acids are produced by the brain, that they build up slowly with normal aging, but that the process is accelerated significantly in the presence of genes that predispose to Alzheimer's disease"

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Joanne said...

Dr Alan MacDonald recent research found Borrelia Miyamotoi in each plaque in brain of Alzheimer's patient using Fluorescence in situ Hybridisation (FISH) and Borrelia specific Beacon probes