EHFPI: a database and analysis resource of essential host factors for pathogenic infection.

High-throughput screening and computational technology has greatly
changed the face of microbiology in better understanding pathogen-host
interactions. Genome-wide RNA interference (RNAi) screens have given
rise to a new class of host genes designated as Essential Host Factors
(EHFs), whose knockdown effects significantly influence pathogenic
infections. Therefore, we present the first release of a
manually-curated bioinformatics database and analysis resource EHFPI
(Essential Host Factors for Pathogenic Infection,). EHFPI captures detailed article,
screen, pathogen and phenotype annotation information for a total of
4634 EHF genes of 25 clinically important pathogenic species. Notably,
EHFPI also provides six powerful and data-integrative analysis tools,
i.e. EHF Overlap Analysis, EHF-pathogen Network Analysis, Gene
Enrichment Analysis, Pathogen Interacting Proteins (PIPs) Analysis, Drug
Target Analysis and GWAS Candidate Gene Analysis, which advance the
comprehensive understanding of the biological roles of EHF genes, as in
diverse perspectives of protein-protein interaction network, drug
targets and diseases/traits. The EHFPI web interface provides
appropriate tools that allow efficient query of EHF data and
visualization of custom-made analysis results. EHFPI data and tools
shall keep available without charge and serve the microbiology,
biomedicine and pharmaceutics research communities, to finally
facilitate the development of diagnostics, prophylactics and
therapeutics for human pathogens.

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