Toxicogenetics: in search of host susceptibility to environmental toxicants.

Heavy metals, various pesticide and herbicides are implicated as risk
factors for human health. Paraquat, maneb, and rotenone, carbamate, and
organophosphorous insecticides are examples of toxicants for which acute
and chronic exposure are associated with multiple neurological
disorders including Parkinson's disease. Nevertheless, the role of
pesticide exposure in neurodegenerative diseases is not clear-cut, as
there are inconsistencies in both the epidemiological and preclinical
research. The aim of this short review is to show that at least, some of
the inconsistencies are related to individual differences in
susceptibility to the effects of neurotoxicants, individual differences
that can be traced to the genetic constitution of the individuals and
animals studies, i.e., host-based susceptibility.

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