Research reveals likelihood, onset of multiple sclerosis diagnosis among patients with inflammatory eye disease -- ScienceDaily

The results of the largest retrospective study of multiple sclerosis
(MS) in uveitis patients has revealed that nearly 60 percent of patients
with both diseases were diagnosed with each within a five-year span.
While it has long been known that there is an association between the
eye condition and MS, this is the first study to provide a detailed
description of the relative onset of uveitis and MS and to calculate the
likelihood of an MS diagnosis among uveitis patients.
Based on the prevalence of MS in American and European populations, the researchers found that MS is 18 times and 21 times more likely in an American and European population with uveitis, respectively, relative to the general population. The study found that MS was diagnosed before uveitis in 28 (29 percent) of patients, simultaneously in 15 (15 percent) of patients and after uveitis diagnosis in 54 (56 percent) of patients.


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