Hand blenders used for cooking can emit persistent chemicals -- ScienceDaily

Eight out of twelve tested models of hand blenders are leaking chlorinated paraffins
when used according to the suppliers' instructions. This is revealed in a
report from Stockholm University where researchers analyzed a selection
of hand blenders which are available on the Swedish market. Chlorinated
paraffins are included in the subject group of persistent organic
pollutants which humans and animals should be protected from.

The tested hand blenders were bought in stores in Sweden and analyzed
in order to determine if they leak chlorinated paraffins to food under
normal use.

"The results showed that eight of the twelve tested hand blenders
emit chlorinated paraffins during normal household use. In five of them,
the levels are high in our opinion," says Åke Bergman, Professor at the
Department of Materials and Environment Chemistry, Stockholm
University, and Head of Swetox. We have reported the discovery to the
Swedish Chemicals Agency and the Swedish National Food Administration
and informed the suppliers of the tested hand blenders.

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