Mouse study: C-sections cause immune system malfunction | ScienceNordic

In a new study, Danish scientists have shown that mice born naturally have more intestinal bacteria and a better and more balanced immune system compared to mice born by C-section.
“This is a very important study,” says Professor Karsten Buschard of the Bartholin Institute at Rigshospitalet, the State University Hospital in Copenhagen.
Buschard is one of the scientists behind the new study, which was recently published in the Journal of Immunology.
Along with other studies, this contributes to the emerging picture that it is good for a baby to be born vaginally, he says. “Most women have no choice, but it should be mentioned in the guidance to pregnant women who are free to choose whether they want a C-section delivery or not.”
In recent years, a number of Danish and international studies have shown that children who were born by C-section are more prone to type 1 diabetes, hay fever, and asthma compared to children who were delivered in the old-fashioned way.
It has not yet been determined precisely why this is the case but several scientists believe that the explanation is connected to the bacteria the child receives from the mother during vaginal delivery.

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