Our own treacherous immune genes can cause cancer after viral infection - Medical News Today

HPV (human papillomavirus) infection is widely known to induce cancer.
Many of the mutations that cause this virally-induced cancer are caused
by a family of genes that normally combats viral infections, finds new
UCL research.
This raises the possibility of developing drugs to regulate the activity
of these genes to prevent HPV-associated cancers from developing and
reduce the ability of existing cancers to evolve resistance to
The research, published in Cell Reports, shows for the first
time that genes from the 'APOBEC' family, which help to fight off viral
infection, actually cause mutations that lead to HPV-associated cancer.
This research was funded by the Rosetrees Trust, a charity dedicated to
supporting pioneering medical research, with additional funding from the
Debbie Fund and Cancer Research UK.

APOBEC-Mediated Cytosine Deamination Links PIK3CA Helical Domain Mutations to Human Papillomavirus-Driven Tumor Development

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