The gut-brain axis: what’s the relationship between our bowels and our brains? - BioMed Central blog

What is the nature of the relationship between the brain and the gut?
This is a question that has fascinated scientists and clinicians for
decades, and there appears to be no simple answer to it. It seems the
more research that is done on this topic, the more complex and extensive
the interactions are found to be.
This communication between the endocrine and nervous systems has been
termed the gut-brain axis (or brain-gut axis), and is thought to be
involved in many regular functions and systems within the healthy body
as well as in many diseases.
Today is World Digestive Health Day, and we’re marking the date with the launch of an article collection, bringing together research from a range of microbiology and neuroscience journals on the topic of the gut-brain axis in health and disease.

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