Compute Against Alzheimer's Disease

Can you use some of your idle computer time to help crack some problems ?

To better understand the causes and risk factors associated with Alzheimer's Disease, scientists at several leading research organizations have joined forces to establish the Compute Against Alzheimer's Disease research initiative — a collaboration to conduct deep in silico
investigations into AD using the collective computational power made available by volunteer providers of computing capacity, like yourself.

Using software developed with funding support from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences,the group is employing search
algorithms able to explore the vast collection of possible gene interactions for AD risk association more deeply than has ever been performed.

The second project, Modeling the Cytotoxicity of Aβ Peptides in AD, which is partially funded by the National Institute on Aging, uses computer simulations to investigate how Aβ and other similar peptides interact with cell surface membranes.

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