A fast-acting antidepressant appears within reach (NMDA antagonist and monoamine uptake blocker))

A new study suggests a fast-acting antidepressant may be on the horizon. In mice, the drug produces evidence of a mood lift within 24 hours and then continues working for sustained relief.

The drug, referred to by Talbot as its coded name MI-4 and better known among scientists as Ro-25-6981 ( a selective NMDA 2B receptor subtype antagonist (GRIN2B), has been shown by previous researchers to cause a rapid antidepressant effect in animals by blocking one of the brain's signaling chemicals. But until now, researchers were not aware of the full spectrum of its antidepressant properties.
The new study bolsters the evidence for MI-4's rapid effect and adds
an exciting twist: MI-4 also works in the long term. Moreover, it may
accomplish its long-term effects through a three-pronged approach known
as triple reuptake inhibition, which refers to a drug's ability to
simultaneously increase the levels of three key chemicals in the brain
that are known to affect mood and feelings of pleasure—dopamine,
norepinephrine and serotonin. Most depression drugs only target one of
these chemicals, which may explain why they are not effective in all
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