Classic microscopy reveals borrelia bacteria

Over the past year, two experienced biologists at Oslo University have seen something that very few scientists experience. They have been sought out by a persistent stream of people from all over Norway who are asking for help.
"People so sick that they can barely stand up have come here to Kristine Bonnevie Building at the University's Blindern campus. They are desperate, because they have not been diagnosed, and therefore have not received appropriate treatment.
Many of them suspect that they have developed chronic borreliosis following a tick bite, and that they have had the disease for a long time. But the tests used by the public health service do not detect it. They come to us with blood samples that they want us to test. They have heard rumours that we have developed a method that can give them answers", explain Ivar Mysterud and Morten Laane. The remarkable new method has just been published in the journal Biological and Biomedical Reports.

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Joanne said...

Medicine is too quick to dismiss blood microscopy when looking for Borrelia, if done correctly and using the right techniques it can be invaluable in an illness which currently has no gold standard tests. Another expert in recognising borrelia in all it's forms and willing to share information is Dr Alan MacDonald