Cells Transport Materials Along Crowded Intercellular 'Highways' And Failure Of The System Can Lead To Neurodegenerative Diseases And Cancer

The interior of an animal cell is like a small city, with factories - called organelles - dedicated to manufacturing, energy production, waste processing, and other life functions. A network of intercellular "highways," called microtubules, enables bio-molecular complexes, products, and other cargo to move speedily about the cell to keep this vital machinery humming. A new paper published online in the journalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences sheds new light on how cells manage to keep traffic flowing smoothly along this busy transportation network that is vital to the survival of cells and whose failure can lead to a variety of diseases, including Alzheimer's and cancer

There is a wonderful video of The Inner life of the cell from Harvard Biovisions where traffic is well illustrated.

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